Finally, a safe way to pay people you don't know.

As Private As Cash

As Secure As A Card


What is PayTile?

PayTile is the only completely private digital wallet app that allows you to pay or tip people nearby. Giving and receiving money should be quick, safe and private. PayTile uses your location to pay anyone nearby. No need to carry paper cash when you can PayTile the valet.

Whether you want to pay anyone near you, or get great offers from local businesses, PayTile has you covered.

Send money to anyone, privately

Unlike almost every other payments app, we don’t share your information (not even your name) if you don’t want us to. Send money to the people physically around you & protect your personal information!

Whether you’re buying a couch from a stranger or tipping someone, PayTile will protect your identity and keep you safe.

Pick up rewards on the map!

Introducing Reward Drop: pins on the map that you can collect and redeem. Walk around and pick up cash or exclusive offers on PayTile.

We’ve dropped digital goods at physical locations. Explore the PayTile map and walk up to a Reward Drop location. Voila! You got paid for showing up!