reward drop

Earn rewards just for showing up.


It’s like finding money on the ground!

We work with businesses to offer rewards at specific locations for you to pick up. Sometimes these rewards are coupons or cheap tickets, sometimes they’re cash. You can put the money to use in your bank account or turn around and send money to someone nearby via PayTile, it’s up to you! We found a way to reward people who put in the effort.

Get within range of a Reward Drop to claim your reward.

Your location is the key to unlocking everything PayTile has to offer. Explore the map to see which Reward Drops are worth showing up for and follow the map to get close enough to the pick up spot. We’ll let you know when you’ve arrived at the right spot.

Sometimes there is only a limited quantity of each reward, so hurry before we run out!


Reward Drop for Businesses

Use Reward Drop as a way to bring customers right to your door. Literally.

Get outside, find your prize.

Reward Drop gives you the chance to see your city in a new light. Maybe a new coffee shop opened up nearby and dropped free lattes for anyone who shows up.

Don’t forget to bring your family and friends...everyone can pick up each reward once.