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Frequently Asked Questions

Anytime you want to do a private transaction, whether you’re buying furniture from a stranger on Facebook Marketplace or buying some jam from your neighbor, use PayTile. Using your location, we help you send money to the person next to you in an instant, without having to type in the last four digits of their phone number or becoming “friends” who can see each other’s transaction history. Basically, use PayTile whenever you wish you had real paper cash on you.

Your display name and profile photo, that’s it. Your display name can be your initials, or anything else. We don’t share your real name, email, or any other identifying details with the recipient.

To pay (or get paid) on PayTile, you will need to link your bank account. We use Plaid to make this easy and quick! If you get paid by another PayTile user, you’ll immediately see the money in your PayTile wallet. Once you withdraw from the app, it will typically take 1-3 business days for the funds to show up in your bank account. PayTile is a proud partner of Cross River Bank, who makes all of this possible.

PayTile is able to offer users protection in transactions because we use your location. To unlock the value of the app, you will always need to have your location on while using PayTile.

Currently, you can send and receive up to $100 at a time. The maximum you can currently move into your PayTile wallet at one time is $500. If you have any additional questions about our transaction limits, please review our Terms document, which can be found here.

As private as cash. As secure as a card.