PayTile Launches World's First Geolocation Mobile Discounts App

Aug 11 2022
By PayTile

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PayTile is a cutting-edge geolocation app that can be used to “Drop” money and discounts to people based on their location. PayTile is partnering with Blink Cincinnati 2022 to incentivize visitors to their special Zeigler Park light installation using location-based coupon drops during the Blink festival.

The PayTile mobile app uses proprietary geolocation and proximity technology to deliver cashless payments, coupons, and reward tokens to users. This breakthrough solution replaces consumers’ need for cash, enables businesses to incentivize foot traffic, and offers location-specific customer engagement opportunities for organizations. This technology has launched in Cincinnati, OH, with rapid expansion planned across other US markets.

Blink Cincinnati will be using PayTile’s proprietary “Drop” feature to deliver discount merchandise coupons at the Zeigler Park installation during Blink’s October 13-16, 2022 event. The PayTile “Drop” feature is secure and private. Other Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky businesses and community organizations will also be using PayTile’s app to drive foot traffic to their locations, as well as to continue to engage with their consumers.

PayTile is available for download on all mobile devices from the Apple App store and Google Play, and takes less than 3 minutes to set up. PayTile’s technology can already be used for secure “peer-to-peer” money transactions today. Unlike other mobile app cash payment technologies, no Personally-Identifiable Information (PII) is publicly shared, making PayTile completely private, and as anonymous as a simple cash transaction. By early 2023, PayTile will also enable consumers to be able to pay businesses. The PayTile transaction fees will be a fraction of the cost of credit cards, saving businesses thousands of dollars.

“PayTile is a real game-changer for consumers and businesses. I’m thrilled to launch this technology at Blink, the premier event for Cincinnati,” said PayTile CEO, Anu Vora. “PayTile enables companies and organizations a fun way to interact with visitors to Blink, as well as to continue to engage and delight their consumers after the event. Consumers can also use the app to tip a street performer, or split the cost of a pizza. The potential uses of PayTile are endless.”

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About PayTile

PayTile is a fintech company specializing in delivering secure proximity-based money payments as well as non-monetary transactions. By leveraging GPS and Bluetooth technology, PayTile delivers secure cashless payments and enables location-based rewards. PayTile is funded by Candid Ventures, a venture studio that backs technology start-ups led by women and people of color. PayTile is partnered with Cross River Bank, a technology-driven financial services organization that provides core infrastructure and embedded financial solutions.

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