This Cincinnati Startup is Building an Innovative Way to Pay

Jan 24 2023 — Sarah Curran, Tech Ohio

Click here for the original article Peer-to-peer or P2P payment apps like Venmo and Cash App are now more popular than ever. Many people use them on a daily basis for everyday payments like tipping services or bills. For many of these apps, it’s a common practice to require personal data when using their services, but what if there was a way to facilitate these payments without giving away your private information?

Cincinnati fintech PayTile aims to combine AirDrop, Pokemon Go

Oct 12 2022 — Liz Engel, Business Journal

Click here for the original article Even before Anu Vora sold her first company, AdmitAlly in late 2020, she was whiteboarding her next business venture. After months in stealth mode, the company is ready for its public debut: PayTile blends first-of-its-kind features so users can pay or tip people nearby – albeit privately – while businesses can offer rewards to increase foot traffic, using proprietary geolocation and proximity technology. It’s best described as a blend of AirDrop and Pokemon Go.

Start-Up's 'Anti-Social Network' Flips the Switch On Proximity Payments

Sep 27 2022 — Robin Arnfield, American Banker

Click here to read the original article The Only 100% Private P2P Payments Solution In the early days of smartphone payments, many fintechs argued that the killer app for merchants would be their ability to detect and identify when specific shoppers walked by and push offers to their phones to lure them in. PayTile is taking the opposite approach to proximity payments — it’s promising to let consumers limit their visibility to merchants.

PayTile Launches World's First Geolocation Mobile Discounts App

Aug 11 2022 — PayTile

Click here for original article PayTile is a cutting-edge geolocation app that can be used to “Drop” money and discounts to people based on their location. PayTile is partnering with Blink Cincinnati 2022 to incentivize visitors to their special Zeigler Park light installation using location-based coupon drops during the Blink festival. The PayTile mobile app uses proprietary geolocation and proximity technology to deliver cashless payments, coupons, and reward tokens to users.